Best Screen Tent For Camping Outdoors

Open skies, chilly weather, and quaint surroundings, camping brings its own set of joys. It’s a family bonding time like no other. But managing a safe and enjoyable outdoor activity such as camping can be tricky due to heavy rains, extreme sun, harsh winds, and pesky insects. That where a screen tent comes in handy.

With a reliable screen tent, you can save your outing from getting ruined. Screened tents are easy to set up and provide a perfect staying option for camping trip, outdoor events or family picnic.

If you have started searching for screened tents online, you are surely swamped by thousands of options urging you to click that big, glaring “buy now” button. But you are not sure what to look for in a sturdy screened tent and that’s where this blog slides in the picture.

Along with enlisting some handpicked screened tents, we spell out the factors you need to consider while buying a long-lasting screened tent for camping.

Size It Up!

If you are going to buy a screen tent for your next camping trip, you might want to consider the size of the tent in accordance to the size of your family.

When gauging a tent’s size, the general rule is to always go “one person higher” because no particular industry standard exists when it comes to per-person dimension. So always go for a size bigger. This is especially true if you are accompanied by-

  • People who are well-built.
  • Pets or small children.
  • People who feel claustrophobic.
  • People who toss and turn at night.

Mind The Shape

Shape of your screened tents matters for your comfortable mobility inside it. The two most popular shapes of screened tents are dome style and cabin style.

Cabin-style tents are loved for their spaciousness they offer due to vertical walls which allows you to stand upright, walk around, stock your gears and neatly place your luggage.

Dome-style tents are the first image that comes to your mind when someone mentions a “tent” as it carries the most traditional tent shape. But dome tents are much more than that. They offer superior performance against stormy winds and heavy rains along with great height option. The only downside is that their walls are a little curvy which limits the space to move around.

Let The Air Flow In

Seek out for mesh panels surrounding your tents as it allows for great viewing option and improves cross-ventilation inside the tent. It also provides complete protection against all kinds of pesky insects and bugs. Mesh panels are often used to make the doors, ceilings and windows of screened tents.

Now that we have gotten important factors out of the way, let’s count down our top picks for sturdy, reliable and practical screened tents.

Best Screened Tents For Camping (Review)

1 – Hike Crew 6-Panel Pop-Up Screen House Gazebo

With a sturdy construction and hassle-free set up, the Hike Crew PopUp shelter makes for a perfect tent option for cooking, dining or just chilling inside. It comes with no-mesh screens and a water-resistant roof for complete protection against bugs, winds and rains. It is one of the easiest tents to set up as it requires no assembly whatsoever. You can build it from the ground up in almost 45 seconds.

It also features plenty of space – 102 Sq/Ft of Interior Space with 5’8” Side Clearance & 7’1” Center Clearance which can easily accommodate up to 6 people comfortably.


  • Accommodates a standard sized picnic table.
  • Fast and easy 45 second set-up.
  • Biting-resistant no-mesh screens provide added coverage and privacy.
  • 50+ UV protection protects you from the harsh sun.
  • Durable and sturdy construction that is built to last.

2 – Coleman Instant Screen House

One of the most popular screen houses from the house of Coleman, the Coleman Instant Screen House has been around for a very long time and is a cult favorite among adventurers raking up hundreds of positive reviews online.

Its portable design is a major attraction alongside instant set-up feature. Since it comes per-assembled, an average person will take less than 60 seconds to set up this screen house. It uses 2X poly guard fabric and double thick design that doesn’t blow away with the wind and provides extreme durability. The UV guard 50+ UPF coating offers ample good sun protection.

Features –

  • Hassle-free 60 seconds set-up.
  • 10 feet * 10 feet spacious screened tent.
  • 2 large “T” shaped door.
  • Free carry bag for easy storage.

3 – Wenzel Sun Valley Screen House

Lightweight and travel friendly, the Wenzel Sun Valley is produced to bring durability, versatility and comfort to your camping trips. It protects your campground from rains, sun and irritating bugs. The polyester rooftop shelters you effectively from shade and keeps the rain out and water does not pool on the roof. It weighs only 20 pounds which makes it easy to transport around with bare minimum efforts.


  • Ample of space – floor area: 140 square ft., height: 86 inches.
  • Wide front and rear inverted-T doors.
  • Straight vertical sides shield well from heavy rains.
  • Pre-attached guy ropes add extra stability.

4 – Coleman Weather Master 6-Person Tent

The biggest enemy of a fun, outdoor picnic is the weather. Striving to resolve the unpredictable weather issue, Cole man has released a remarkably spacious 6-person tent with screen room. The Coleman Weathermaster 6-person screened tent features a hinged door that opens and closes with ease. It comes with a separate screened-in room for bug-free lounging and extra ventilation. What’s also great is it contains storage pockets which ensure that your compact belongings don’t take up much space on the floor.

Features –

  • Inverted seams for superior weather resistance.
  • Spacious interiors that can easily accommodate 2 queen sized airbeds.
  • 20 minutes quick set-up.
  • Made of durable polyguard fabric.
  • Easy to reach mesh storage pockets.
  • Expandable carry bag included.

Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent,Multi Colored,6L x 9W ft. (Screened Area)

5 – Gazelle Pop-Up Gazebo

Strong and durable, the pop-up Gazebo range from Gazelle is a dream come true for all the adventurers looking out for a wild camping trip. It is designed using UV resistant polyster material that does not leak water and provides extreme sun protection. It features a unique pop up design that folds into a compact package making carrying it around really easy.

Features –

  • Spacious design.
  • Water-resistant technology.
  • Protective UV rays coating.
  • Tight mesh keeps smallest bugs out.

So, here’s to the adventurer in us, an indispensable product for a crazy camping trip! Shield your fun from sun, winds and insects and create a heavenly abode for yourself with these remarkable screened tents.

Gazelle 8 Person 6 Sided Outdoor Portable Pop Up Screened Tent with Carry Bag and Stakes in Alpine Green

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