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Big Agnes Q Core SL Sleeping Pad Review

One of the most important essentials of any camping trip, sleeping pads decide how comfortable you stay during your adventure. Those who travel or camp a lot would know the significance of a high-quality sleeping pad. While air pads are generally considered as luxury items, simple sleeping pads affect your rest and recovery during the trip. Moreover, there are pads that provide the much-desired warmth by preventing heat loss in colder conditions. Thats why we suggest the Big Agnes Q Core SL Sleeping Pad.

There are numerous options available in the market to suit various requirements and it can be often difficult to choose the right one. Big Agnes Q-Core SL sleeping pad differentiates itself from others due to the unique features that make it one of the best options for outdoor trips. In this post, we review this product and discuss its features, pros, and cons to help users make a wiser decision.

Big Agnes Q-Core SL Sleeping Pad Review – Updated 2020

A super cushy sleeping pad from Big Agnes, the Q-Core SL is one of the thickest backpacking pads in the market. It is an innovative super light 3-season variant of the highly popular Q-Core pad.

Big Agnes Q-Core Deluxe Sleeping Pad, Petite (20×66)

Designed to offer a balance of lightweight design and high performance to make it the most comfortable and lightweight air pad from Big Agnes. The sleeping pad comes in various shapes and sizes to meet individual requirements.


With the use of the latest technology, the Q-Core SL is probably the most comfortable sleeping pad ever. The thick pad conforms well to the body shape and provides much-needed support. It also works on common pressure points like those on shoulders and hips to deliver relief.

The pad features a thick air chamber towards the outer edge to deliver bed-like comfort by keeping the body-centered. This prevents the pad from slipping from beneath and keeps you off the ground when you sleep outside your tent. The insulation system has anti-microbial and anti-odor properties, preventing any odor and bacterial growth while keeping you warm and comfortable.


The Q-Core SL features a durable, high-quality 2-piece plastic inflation valve and cap to deliver efficient inflation and prevent leakage. You can easily inflate the pad by unscrewing the cap and close it to deflate.

The cap does not come off and you need not worry about losing it. Inflating the sleeping pad is not so tough because it has a high volume valve that facilitates easy inflation and quick deflation.


With a temperature rating of 15 degrees and an estimated R-value of 4.5, the sleeping pad provides an excellent 3-season camping solution. The Q-Core SL features a unique high-loft, durable insulation to provide exceptional warmth.

This technology also keeps the pad light and less bulky. It also comes with integrated heat reflective technology that prevents heat loss. The pad has synthetic insulation made of silver threads that bounce the heat back to you and keep you warm in colder climates.


The Q-Core SL sleeping pad is designed to fit inside any sleeping pad sleeve included with sleeping bags. Squared-off corners make the pad light weight and easy to pack. It packs down to a small size and fits into any nylon mesh sack.

Side rails keep the sleeper centered on the pad for better insulation and comfort. The design is also convenient for side sleepers. I-Beam construction ensures horizontal and vertical support across the pad to resemble the feeling of a bed.


The sleeping pad is made out of strong nylon ripstop material for durability and has a textured construction to reduce slippage and noise. It is quilted at the top that provides a soft and cushioned home-like bed with an alternating I-Beam pattern to deliver a smooth, comfortable, stable sleeping surface.

The larger outer chambers ensure you are cradled comfortably in the center. For additional durability, this sleeping pad has a heat-reflective polyurethane internal coating. It also features synthetic insulation to prevent heat loss.


  • Lightweight, rugged and comfortable
  • Constructed to eliminate pressure points
  • Thick yet packs in a small size
  • Warm enough to be used for 3 seasons
  • Easy to deflate
  • Big side rails
  • Durable construction
  • Provides amazing support


  • Somewhat pricey
  • Design is little narrow
  • Needs a lot of lungpower to inflate
  • Can be heavy and bulky


Overall, the Big Agnes Q-Core SL is definitely a great option for those who want a thick, supportive and comfortable sleeping pad for their adventures. The level of comfort and warmth this pad offers is quite remarkable.

It is a rugged and durable insulated air pad that makes a great 3-season outdoor sleep system. It’s made out of durable materials and has a high-quality valve that makes inflation and deflation easy. Loaded with advanced technology and amazing features, this sleeping pad is certainly ideal for camping as well as survival conditions.

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