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When your out camping with It’s quite difficult to leave your four-legged friend behind when you travel and it’s even more difficult when you go camping. After all, one reason you got your fur children was to have some adventures together. There is nothing better than camping with dogs..

Apart from the adventure, fun, relaxation, and smells, camping with a dog has a few challenges to make it really enjoyable and comfortable for you as well as your furry friend. You will need some basic knowledge to ensure that you can spend some memorable time with your furry friend. In this comprehensive guide to camping with dogs, we cover all that you should know to make your camping trip comfortable and enjoyable for you and your pet.

Preparing for the Camping Trip with Dog

Whether it is your first trip with your pet or you want to make sure it remains safe in the outdoors, there are some important things you should check when you plan the trip.

Select a campsite that permits dogs

Not all campsites would allow dogs and it is important that you check it in advance. You might come across restrictions and extra charges. Do some research to be sure of what to expect when you go camping with your dog.

Get a tag and microchip

When you are on a trip, the dog may not know where they are. If they are lost, the only way they can return back is through somebody who found them.

This is why it is a good idea to have some type of identification for your dog. Get a new collar and an updated ID tag so the person finding your dog can contact you. Getting a microchip is also a great idea to find the dog if they get lost.

Protect the dog

Woods are the major places to get unwanted parasites which can be then passed to humans. They are also quite harmful to your dog. So choose a good parasite preventative measure before you go.

Find a vet near the campsite

While you may not need to use it at all, it is a good idea to be informed that it is available, if at all you need.

Training Before You Go Camping with Dog

When it comes to camping, your dog has a lot to get excited about. Remember to work on some primary training so that your dog does not run away, inviting a bunch of problems on your trip. A lot of campsites would need to keep the dog on a specific length at all times. You should never let the dog move about without a leash.

Train the dog to relax comfortably in a play area before the trip so that you can keep them safe when you are busy cooking, setting up a tent or other camping activities. Use a hands-free leash to keep them close to you or a long lead to let them explore at the campsite. Train the dog to behaviors like stay, come, drop, leave, speak, quiet and more.

Camping Trip with Dog

Acclimating the Dog to New Surroundings

While you may be all excited to pitch the tent and spend the night under the stars, your dog might not accept it easily. This is why it is a good idea to acclimate your furry friend to live in a tent before heading out. If you practice tent pitching, you can get your pup introduced to spending time in the tent. Try giving them food inside the tent and bring some toys to get them comfortable.

What to Pack for a Camping Trip with Dog

You may have a sleeping bag, tent, clothes, and marshmallows on your list but now that you are camping with your dog, it is time to include the camping essentials for your furry friend too.

Dog food and snacks – In addition to their regular food, don’t forget to pack some tasty treats.

Water and bowl – Check that the campsite has access to clean drinking water or carry enough water to keep your dog hydrated. You should pack a water bottle or collapsible bowl to make it easy for them to drink.

Poop bags – Make sure you always pick the dog’s poop and dispose of it well.

Dog first aid – When your camping with dogs you should include a first-aid kit which contains dog-specific items. Either purchase a travel kit for pets or make your own. It should contain the saline solution, gauze, antiseptic, bandages, multi-tool, antihistamines, cotton swabs, antibiotic ointment, and tick removal tool.

Bed – As nighttime can be dangerous for your pet, it is important to co-sleep with your dog. Get a dog sleeping bed designed for camping. These beds generally have additional warmth that these conditions demand.

Socks or booties – As their nails can easily puncture a sleeping bag, it is important to get your dog wear socks or boots when in the tent. Have another pair to protect their paws while out for the adventure.

Towel – Carry a towel that helps you dry the dog when it gets wet. It can also be used to cool them off in case they get a heat stroke.

Leash – A good leash lets the dog explore the campsite without going far. You can get a long one to secure it around a tree.

Comb – A good dog brush or comb makes it easy to remove burrs and find any ticks on the dog during the trip.

LED Collar – A high-visibility collar will help you keep track of your pet in the dark.

Toys – Don’t miss adding some of your dog’s favorite toys to entertain them when they need.

Camping With Dogs Gear

Activities To Do When Camping with Dogs

Though many dogs enjoy spending hours playing with a ball or toy, there will be a time when boredom hits. You should have some dog-friendly activities ready for such a time.


If you are confident that your dog won’t be distracted by objects or animals, you can plan cycling at the campsite with your pup. It can run with you as you cycle.


Before heading out, make sure there are no restrictions for dogs on the trail. Moreover, consider the strength of your pup before setting the distance. There are also some rules when it comes to hiking with dogs. You should also keep a leash and it is a good idea to get them a harness.


When your camping with dogs, often there will be a stream or river nearby. If you see a water body with not-too deep water, you can let your pup enjoy swimming as well as canoeing.

Trail Running

If you have an energetic dog, you can consider trail running to cover more distance in less time during your exploration.

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