Coleman 4 Person Tent Instant Cabin Review

An instant tent can make your outdoor adventure enjoyable and pleasant. There are many options in the market giving you choices of size and type to suit your trip and preferences. One of the most popular choices is the Coleman 4 Person Instant Cabin Tent designed to make camping easy and fun.

It is advertised as a 60-second set-up tent, making it quite exciting for campers who want something that they can use easily. The smallest in the instant series of tents, the Coleman 4 Person cabin tent comes with interesting features and benefits. In this post, we review this tent and take a closer look at its features and offerings.

Coleman 4 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review


  • Pre-assembled poles help make the setup easy and quick; it can be done in about a minute
  • Weather Tec system inverted seams and welded floor help keep water out
  • Features built-in vented rainfly for weather protection
  • Spacious interior allows moving freely. It can also accommodate a queen-sized airbed
  • Illumine guy lines offer enhanced visibility at night allowing you to see what’s happening around even in darkness
  • Comes with two interior pockets to store the essentials, preventing loss of tiny items
  • Polyester taped seams cover the whole tent and eliminate the need of a separate rainfly
  • Has a rugged poly guard fabric in thick, heavy-duty quality that keeps water from entering the tent
  • Large entrances and windows allow air to flow freely and provide great ventilation

Design and Construction

The 4 Person Instant tent from Coleman is exactly what its name suggests – an instant setup tent. It is permanently attached to the poles and the four corner poles are telescopic which makes setting it up as easy as unfolding an umbrella. Being a single-layer tent, setup is easier. You need not assemble the pieces. This tent is designed to be waterproof with a built-in fly. It is also completely freestanding and you can pitch it anywhere on any type of terrain.

Coleman 4 Person is a 3-season tent that serves in mild conditions and it is also cabin type. It cannot withstand harsh weather conditions but waterproof panels on the door and windows as well as storm flaps on the zippers make it resistant to water. It is a tall tent with huge windows and vertical, straightened walls. This livable structure eliminates the need to get an extra fly. You can enjoy unobstructed outdoor views with large windows.

Weather Protection

The Coleman 4 Person instant cabin tent features WeatherTec patented system that includes inverted seams and welded floors to allow using the tent in extreme weather conditions. The welding used in the tent creates durable seals that don’t decay and provide the utmost protection from rain and other elements.


The tent structure is simple and comprehensive. It has telescopic corner poles that you extend until you hear the click sound. When you hear the sound, it means the button is in its position and the pole is locked to the appropriate length. The interior has two mesh pockets for storing essentials. The windows are large and make the tent a livable shelter.


The tent provides excellent ventilation with large mesh windows and vents on the roof that facilitates free air flow. You can enjoy the air as long as the panels are not on. You should avoid using the tent in heavy rains to be able to take advantage of the ventilation.


  • Easy setup and folding
  • Interior pockets facilitate storage
  • Large windows give ventilation
  • Spacious interior fits queen-size bed
  • All-over tapping eliminates the need for rainfly
  • Large door makes moving in and out of the tent easy


  • Tent is fully taped but has no rainfly or vestibule
  • Internal pole system makes the tent bulky and heavy to pack
  • Only one door can make a problem for entrance and exit
  • Lightweight tent does not perform well in windy conditions

Coleman 4 Person Tent Uses

The Coleman 4 Person instant tent weighs 9.8 lbs and the packed dimensions are 38 x 18 x 9.5 inches. This means the tent would need a vehicle for transportation.

The design of the instant cabin tent is to accommodate four adults. It offers a floor size of 56 sq ft with 8×7 feet dimensions. This means it can allow four sleeping pads as well. It does not offer any additional space for gear. It suits camping and gatherings for a group of four people. For better comfort the recommendation is that this tent should be used for 2-3 people only.

The tent features large windows on the two sides and a big door with a mesh window. This means you can use it for shade on the beach as well as garden.

This tent accommodates a queen-size bed conveniently. Using a bed is better than sleeping on the mattress because you get a lot of space under the bed for storage.

With weather-protection features, this tent suits moderate conditions and mild rain. But the recommendation is to not use this tent in heavy rains or wind. Being lightweight, it can fly over in windy conditions.


The Coleman 4 Person Instant Cabin Tent is a nearly-perfect tent in almost all respects. It comes with some of the most exciting features that make up for its drawbacks and lets you find a way to deal with them. Anybody looking for a nice, lightweight instant set-up tent for a camping trip can consider this product. Its quick, hassle-free setup makes it one of the best options for an instant tent.

Cabin 4 Person Instant Tent for Camping – Sets Up in 60 Seconds

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