Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent Review

The Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent is an ideal choice for adventurous campers and families looking for a good space. This tent offers a wide range of desired features while being easy to set up. This instant tent is one of the best models from Coleman and is quickly gaining popularity as the 3-season family camping tent. It is a lightweight, freestanding tent with an affordable price tag.

It is an excellent choice for those who want a summer tent without spending too much. In this post, we review the Coleman 6 Person Tent and take a closer look at its features and performance to help readers understand what they can expect from it.

Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent Review

The Coleman 6 Person Tent is a freestanding tent that you can use anywhere regardless of the terrain. Whether you set it up on grass, concrete, sand or rock, you can easily move it around. It is an example of dome-style tents that are easy to set up and can be packed into a compact size. They are usually lightweight and stable.


  • It has ample ventilation due to four windows. Apart from the two sides, there are windows on the front and the back. The rear window is large and provides nice ventilation for a group of people sleeping inside.
  • There are two zippered vents on the roof.
  • The tent offers enough room to accommodate beds.
  • There are some pockets that let you store your important items and gear.
  • The frame has been built to handle wind, rain and other weather conditions.
  • Seams on the tent provide protection against the weather. The tent has the ability to deal with weather changes.


  • Easy to set up even by a single person
  • Ventilation is ideal for summer
  • Comfortable
  • Waterproof construction
  • Packs nicely and fits in any vehicle for transportation
  • Well-designed poles make it durable even with regular use


  • May not accommodate more than 4-5 people
  • Only two storage pockets
  • Does not work in heavy rains
  • Not enough headroom

Coleman 6 Person Tent Performance

Interior Space

The 6 Person tent offers a floor area of 10 x 10 feet. It is a spacious tent with enough space for six people to sleep comfortably. It allows getting in and out comfortably and moving around nicely. The peak height of 6 feet and sloped walls make the interior space better. The height and floor area allow putting a double bed inside.


The use of mesh on two sides and the ceiling and double-wall design help the tent offer good ventilation. The partial rainfly allows a considerable amount of airflow in summer nights and facilitates a breezy feel. The tent also comes with a zippered mesh door and the back wall as well as a floor vent at the back. This makes this tent highly ventilated and suitable for warm weather camping.


The Coleman 6 Person Tent features two pockets on the two sides around waist height. The hanging pockets are made of mesh and can be used to store essentials like keys and phone. There is a hook for hanging lantern on the ceiling. There is also a zippered port for electrical cord.

Build Quality

Though it is an affordable option, the Coleman 6 Person Tent is highly durable and is built to last for years. The bathtub floor features a thick, tarp-style material construction while the body and mesh are also high-quality. The stitching is flawless and neat.

Material and Weather Protection

The lower section and the floor of the tent are constructed to be waterproof while the upper body is mesh. They use WeatherTec patented system for the floor that uses welded seams to provide strong construction for optimum weather protection. The rainfly also provides a good deal of waterproof performance and the tent can be used in summer when there is no heavy rain.

Coleman Tent Maintenance Tips

The best of instant tents need some maintenance and the Coleman tents are no exception. To maintain the tent in good order, set it up on uniform surfaces. This is so the floor of the tent doesn’t get damaged. Moreover, you should see that the tent does not get too dirty. While it is possible to wash the dirt off, too much of dirt can affect the durability of the material.

Make sure you don’t wet the interior of the tent. Care for your Coleman tent like your home and keep it clean like your camping home. Also, have a lookout for any sharp objects that can damage the tent fabric. Although the tent is made from durable, strong material, it is essential that you take care to maintain the tent.

Coleman Instant Tent Setup

The Coleman tent is easy to set up and does not need much time or people. To set it up, remove the folded tent from the box and remove the straps. First, hold the center hub and let the tent fabric fall down. Next, pull the pole towards you to expand the tent.

All the poles will extend at this time. You can extend the little pole until you hear a click sound that suggests it is in a locked position. Do the same for all the poles. The tent is completely set up. To fold it, bring the poles down and pull them in. Hold the center as the tent collapses, bring the sides up and roll the tent.

Final Words

The Coleman 6 Person tent is easy to set up and maintain and loaded with all the features you would look for in an expensive tent. This makes it one of the best instant tents of the time. Families and campers looking for a comfortable option for their outings would want something that offers great value for money. This tent is affordable and stylish and a worthy purchase for anybody.

Coleman Camping Tent | 6 Person Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

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