Coleman Evanston 8 Screened Tent Review

Whether you plan to have a quiet weekend down by the lake with your partner or you want to take your kids out for a fun day kayaking on the clear blue ocean, you’re on the right track considering the Coleman Evanston 8 Screened Tent.

It’s may not be the choice of every camping enthusiast, however it makes a great tent for those who wish to be protected from the harmful sun’s rays and those nasty biting insects and bugs that make camping in the great outdoors a living nightmare since this tent comes with its own screened in porch.

There is nothing more annoying than the sound of mozzies buzzing around at night and then spending all day itching from the bites they leave all over your entire body. Since it has a screened in porch it would be a great fit for many people who enjoy being outdoors but dislike being in the sun or annoyed by buzzing bugs and insects.

The aim of this review here is to assist you to decide whether this tent is suitable for your needs or whether you would be better investing in a different kind of tent

I would classify the Evanston tent as a summer tent which would be ideal for use in any of the three warmer seasons of the year. Since it has a screened in porch I personnel wouldn’t recommend it in the winter months with low temperatures or where there is a possibility of snow as you are likely to freeze your butt off, literally.


Easy to set up in under 15 minutes
Ventilation is ideal for summer
Waterproof construction
Packs nicely and fits in any vehicle for transportation
Additional screened in porch provides extra ventilation


May not accommodate more than 6 people
May not be ideal for winter months
The rainfly over the porch only covers half the porch


Many users have mentioned that this lightweight free standing tent is easy to set up in under 15 minutes due to the snag-free, continuous pole sleeves and the Insta-Clip pole attachments. Which is a great feature as there is nothing worse than struggling in wind and rain trying to erect a tent that causes you nothing but frustration and by the time you have it set up you wish you could throw the tent in the back of the car and head straight back home.

Coleman have also engineered the frame to be stronger and more wind responsive. Which is beneficial in windy conditions when out camping. They have also redesigned the guy out triangles and poles.

My recommendation when camping and it’s something I have done since experiencing one to many dangerous storms is to switch the ropes and pegs for stronger quality ones that will withstand any type of condition. I feel a lot safer for it and my tents have survived because of it.


In many cases when your camping in a tent especially a dome shaped tent flow through air ventilation can become a problem. With the addition of a screen in porch on the Coleman Evanston 8 person tent you not only have more free-flowing ventilation, but you have an extra bug free lounging area.

The porch area also offers you an additional sleeping area where you or the kids can bunker down on those hot summer nights or you can use it to do some star gazing when the lights go down and the sky is clear. All you need to do is remove the included rainfly to let the skies appear through the mesh roof.

The room can also be used for a dining area for bug free meals or an added storage area for all your camping gear and belongings.


On warn summer nights there is nothing worse than being stuck in a tent that offers no ventilation. When it rains you have the added problem when you need to cluse the tent up just so you, your family and all your belongings stay dry.

What happens then is there is no ventilation at all and the temperature in the tent rises and you feel humid, stuffy and all you want to do is run out the tent to cool down. Has this ever happened to you? I know we have had this happen to us and it is perhaps one of those experiences you can do without.

Having extended window awnings allows you to keep the windows open for enhanced air circulation without letting the rain into the tent. That Is a great feature, one which I wish I had years ago on some of the tents we owned.


Let talk about space. The Coleman Evanston has a rather roomy interior. There is enough space inside to fit two queen-size air mattresses plus it boost a canter height of 6 foot which is more than adequate for standing in.

One thing that gets to me with small tents is trying to get dressed either laying down or stooped over, so the height of this tent is fantastic. The reason your able to fit 2 queen size air mattresses inside is because the interior is 15 feet by 12 feet and the full floor screen room measures 10 feet by 5 feet. Enough room to make you feel comfortable and spacious when you go out on those camping trips.


Another feature that you will love is the waterproof floors. The floors use welded inspired technology which strengthens the floors. The inverted seams increase weather resistance by hiding the needle holes inside the tent.

This keeps the rain off you and all your belongings, and the included rainfly offers extra protection from the weather as well.

To top that off the tent includes a zipper cuff which is made of weather-resistant fabric which adds even more protection from the outside elements to the door.

Storage Pockets

Inside the tent sewn inside the walls you have convenient storage pockets for all your small items like phones, watches, torches and other such nick knacks. These pockets are so convenient and ensure your items are in easy reach. These pockets are great for cell phones and torches. So they are in easy reach when needed and also keeps them from being damages if left on the floor.

So handy and convenient for storing your valuable items.

This particular model of tent is one of Colemans best, has rave reviews from customers and users and comes with an unbeatable price tag. Also included is a carry bag for easy storage and a 1-year limited warranty.

Final Words

The Coleman Evanston 8 Person tent is extremely easy to set up in a few minutes.It comes loaded with all the features you would expect in a summer tent. One of the great things about this tent is it comes with a screened in porch. This makes it one of the best affordable tents available for couples, campers and families. If you are looking for an affordable spacious tent then the Coleman Evanston 8 Person tent would be ideal. It offers great ventilation, a bug free screened in porch that also offers height and extra protection from the elements.

Coleman Evanston 8 Person Screened Tent  Screened Porch

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