Choosing A Family Tent For Camping – What To Consider

If your family is adventurous as you, we can imagine how you must all love to break the streak of your monotonous city life and head out to indulge in the bounties of nature in their rawest form. When you have your family with you, camping is not as simple as it sounds. There are a string of factors that need to attention the first out of which is the tent. Choosing the family tent for camping together is a choice you shouldn’t take lightly..

Why Is It Important To Choose The Right Family Tent For Camping?

Accept it or not, choosing the right family tent is just like buying a car.The first thing that needs considering is safety, flexibility, convenience and most importantly, comfort.

Furthermore, with tents, another thing that you should bear in mind is that they should be lightweight. As the tent has to be carried to the campsite, it is very important the tent is lightweight.

Choose a tent that is made from material that is lightweight and accommodating. That way it will be easy to transport and wont take up much space in the car.

Family Tent

These are then followed by a series of other questions. For instance, when will you be needing this tent for, winters or summers? If summers, the fabric of the tent must be breathable. It needs to have plenty of mesh windows and vents on it to keep the inside fresh and airy.

The silver lining is, most family tents are curated from a fine combination of polyester or neon and mesh to balance the temperatures inside and make them useable for all seasons alike.

Things To Consider When Buying The Tent

Even you are not a frequent camper and prefer going out only once or twice in a year, obtaining a sustainable tent is still very important as this equipment inexorably plays a vital role in enhancing the experience for both you and your family.

In order to ease it out a bit, we will be jotting down a few tips in the following segment that should be taken into account while choosing a family tent for camping.

Size Of The Family Tent For Camping

Depending on the number of members who would be accompanying you, the first component that should be decided upon is the size of the tent. We know your family is “close-knit” but that doesn’t have to necessarily overpower your choice of the size.

The size of the tent should be such that it can seamlessly lodge 3-4 people and all their belongings without congesting the space much. According to experienced campers, each person requires about 24 square feet of space; thus, using this configuration you can calculate the ideal size for your family tent. We would encourage you to finalize a size that will house at least one more person other than the total heads of your family.

This is because if it rains outside and you are compelled to remain indoors the whole time, you will want your kids to have enough space where they can be on their own by playing games, reading books or simply moving around.

Best Family Tent

Generally Speaking, There Are Tree Fundamental Styles For Family Tents:

Cabin room- They come with a lot of space and most interestingly, contain headroom. Some of them even have in-built dividers for upgraded privacy. But sadly, cabin rooms are not the perfect option if your camping site is likely to experience harsh or extreme weather conditions.

Dome style – Unlike their preceding counterpart, the dome-style tent is designed to withstand strong winds and rain . But, they have less headroom and useable space, courtesy- the sloping walls.

Screen rooms- If capitalized on during pleasant weather, they can increase the space of the living room and bedroom inside the tent but, can prove disastrous during heavy rainfalls.

The Setup Of The Tent Should Be Easy

The entire process of setting up a fancy and complex tent after arriving high and dry to your campsite is nothing than a nightmare.

Thus, to be on the safer spectrum of things, you should always look for something that will let you set it up with ease. Mostly, you will come across tents that have poles on the outside to serve the camper with an opportunity to expand the room inside.

But, the more the number of poles, the greater are the challenge of putting it up.Shock cords hold the poles in place and these can later be stored inside the bag after use.

There are usually two ways of attaching a tent to their poles and they are namely, clips and fabric sleeves. Additionally, check for the number of zippers the tent has because if there’s an emergency in the middle of the night, all of you should not have only one opening to move out from and consequently, bring down the whole camp in a fit of panic.

Another important tip here is, you should incline towards family tents that have ceiling vents and a lot of mesh panels in the doors and windows to make way for unblemished ventilation.

Family Tent Size

Cost Of The Tent

Price is another important factor that should steer your pick of the family tent. While it is obvious to look for an affordable option but, remember, quality matters too. Hence, you must essentially end up with something that is cost-effective, spacious and fashioned from the highest-quality fabric. Here are a few things to look out for when choosing a family tent for camping:

1 Poles should be both foldable and easy to attach for simplified transportation.

Like we have already mentioned, segmented poles are connected by shock cords to make certain that the tent is strong and robust during raging weather conditions.
This infers, above all, the strength of the poles should be a priority and aluminum poles, which are known for their strapping endurance, cost more than the conventional metal-tipped fiberglass ones.

2 Nylon is undoubtedly the first choice as far as resorting to a light material for your tent is concerned; but, polyester happens too, has its own share of advantages. Apart from protecting the inside from unwanted light and rain, polyester tents are miraculously effective in preventing ultraviolet rays to seep in through family tents.

3 The zippers of the tent are another imperative area of concern. Before affirming your recourse, diligently check if the zippers are coming up and going down fine without much hassle and are durable.

4  The truth that the floor of the tent has to be one piece shouldn’t come as a surprise but, what you might not know here is that it should be of the tub or bathtub style. The main goal should be to posit the seams a little above the ground. This is to prevent moisture from getting inside the tent

Keep Your Belongings In Mind

When selecting a worthy family tent for camping, you cannot dispose of the belongings you would be carrying from your mind.

Even if you are carrying the essentials that are not as valuable like boots, jackets, clothes, bags and other gear needs protection.

The wiser option would be to delegate a separate area to store all your things and have them organized so that you can reach out for your stuff whenever you need them. All things considered, you can also look for tents that you would allow you to have,

1 Mesh pockets on the walls of the tent to store light-weight things such as your glasses, books, toothbrush, water bottle and the like.

2 A mesh interior shelf to stockpile larger items and heavier items.

3 A footprint constructed from plastic. (Note: Footprints might not come with the tents itself)

Choosing A Family Tent

 Check For Your Self

After you have followed the guidelines outlined in the former sections, it is now time to try it out.  It is now time to check for the efficiency yourself. If you have family who will be camping with you, its important to pay attention to their opinions and preferences too.

If you explore enough, you will land yourself on a good deal that in any one of those local big-box or discount stores. But, no matter where you get your family tent from, always make sure to look through the outer packaging.

The number of choices you have when choosing a tent can be overwhelming. But trust us when we say that if you look carefully, you will end up with the best.

Browse through every bit of the details noted on the box and carry out extensive research on the brand’s reputation. Other things you need to consider include:
the material
peak height
and other features
Its important to confirm that you are investing in the right one.

If the store allows you, you can request a demo setup to show you how much room is in the tent. You will also be able to see the pole attaching mechanism, storage space, headroom, etc. Do not forget to try out the zippers several times. This is to see if they are displaying signs of glitches.

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