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At times, we require carrying weights not meant for a backpack. This is where heavy-weight backpacks prove to be useful. There are hundreds of options available for this type of bag in the market. One of the most popular is the

Marpat Digital Desert S.O.C. Bugout Bag

Made out of the highest-quality materials, this backpack features the latest technology to support the toughest requirements. Stylish, convenient, balanced and rugged, this bag from SOC is one of the best picks for bugging out. In this review, we take a closer look at the product features, advantages, and limitations to help you find out if it is perfect for you.

Marpat Digital Desert Bugout Bag Review – Updated 2020

SOC (Sandpiper of California) is a brand that is engaged in the production of high-quality sports gear and travel bags since 1980. All the products from the company are made in the USA and sold across the world. Aimed at weight carriers, fast movers and campers, the Marpat Digital Desert Bugout Bag is made to carry weight conveniently.

This sock backpack is designed in such a way that users can carry a lot of weight with ease. Perhaps it can be considered the ideal companion for those who love going on trips and hikes. It is spacious enough to accommodate all the traveling essentials.

Those who work in armed forces or military would like the bag for its free movement capability. It also suits everyday users who want a sleek and comfortable bag with a good weight capacity.



The main compartment of the SOC bugout bag is highly spacious. It also has an expandable design. It offers a lot of areas to accommodate big items for camping and traveling.

You can even carry large-sized laptops and other gear. It has a large opening to make it easy packing and unpacking when on the go.

Aluminum Back

The backpack is constructed using 1000 denier Cordura material.

The back of the bag has an aluminum coating that takes care of the safety. This unique design also allows using it as a travel bag.


With the use of modern technology, the bag offers the best of durability and strength. The materials used in the construction are fused in such a way that it is rugged and long-lasting.

The bond between compartments and zippers are also strong. It has side pockets sewed to match the body of the backpack. The elastic properties of the compartments help them stay in place while carrying bigger items with ease.


The Marpat Digital Desert Bugout Bag is designed to be modern and stylish, appealing to any traveler and camper. Each of the parts of the bag is accurately designed to give it a great look. Trendy color and design make it a great choice for modern hikers.

Water Resistance

The bag is made out of water-resistant material and it can withstand heavy rains. It prevents rain water from getting inside and also protects the inner materials from getting wet. It is wrapped tightly to avoid any water leakage and handle tough weather conditions.


The backpack has more than sufficient pockets to store essentials. Apart from the main compartments, there are many other inner and outer pockets of different sizes.

They can hold different types of items. It also has expandable side pockets. You can easily carry laptops and other devices with safety in the inner pockets. You also find pockets to carry other essentials like papers.

Fast Movement

This bugout bag has the ability to provide fast movement. It has well-padded, wide shoulder straps made of rubbery material to stay in place when you carry the bag.

Due to this design, users can easily carry weight and it gets perfectly distributed to provide comfort. The bag feels lighter if weight is distributed evenly. This feature lets the user move, run and cycle while carrying the bag.


The backpack has a cushioned design on the interior and exterior. The cushions are made of high-quality foam to deliver optimum comfort to the user.

There are foams at the bottom of the compartments as well to protect the inside stuff. The shoulder straps also have foam padding to let you carry the bag comfortably.

Hydration Compatibility

The bag enables a carrying hydration system. It features a compartment for hydration bladders to let you carry enough water for bugging out. This compartment is spacious and allows you to carry a lot of water to stay hydrated during your outing or camping.


  • Carefully designed
  • Water and abrasion resistance
  • Lightweight design
  • Includes hydration compartment
  • Padded shoulder straps and waist belt
  • Spacious main compartment with expansion
  • Small zippered compartments
  • The ability to attach MOLLE gear


  • The design does not resemble a bug out bag
  • Front pockets are somewhat tight
  • Not recommended for small frame users


With a thoughtful design and amazing features, the SOC Marpat Digital Desert Bugout Bag is an excellent choice for bugging out. It is a waterproof, weather-resistant backpack with modern technology and stylish appearance.

Made out of high-quality material, the bag is durable and strong. It is a tactical bag with unique features like hydration compatibility and a gun-carrying compartment. Its lightweight design allows carrying it easier and saves time and energy. It is a great backpack for those who want to move fast without having to compromise on comfort.


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