Ozark Trail 12-Person Instant Cabin Tent Review – Roomy & Quick Set Up

One of the leaders in the camping gear market, Ozark Trail offers some of the highest quality tents for big families or groups looking for adventure. Today, we are discussing the Ozark Trail 12 person instant cabin tent that features all the essentials and add-ons that would make your camping trip memorable and comfortable.

In this review, we take a closer look at the tent’s features, pros and cons to help readers find out if it suits their needs.

Ozark Trail 12-Person Instant Cabin Tent Review – UPDATED 2020

The Ozark Trail 12-person instant cabin tent is designed to make camping with big families less stressful. It comes with a promise of setting up under two minutes.

Apart from this appealing feature, it has got some other exciting offerings that make it so popular among campers. It is an amazing choice for big families as it can accommodate 12 persons and their stuff and gear.

It also suits a large group of outdoor enthusiasts. The tent is suitable for dry as well as wet weather because it comes with weather-resistant design. It keeps the interior dry even when there is a downpour. With oversized windows, the tent keeps you cool in a humid atmosphere. And when it is hot, the oversized vent can fit the air-conditioning unit to do the job.

The instant cabin tent from Ozark Trail weighs 61 lbs and is 16 x 16 x 7 feet. It comes with two dividers that create three rooms out of its huge 256 sq ft. interior space. Each of the rooms can accommodate a queen size mattress or four sleeping bags.

This feature adds to privacy when you are camping with a large group or big family. The tent has two doors – one at the front and the other at the rear. It also has a height of 80 inches to provide enough space for the tallest person to walk around.

The instant tent also features seven windows and two oversized vents that take care of ventilation. It also has a shade porch that facilitates great outdoor views. The rainfly has sealed seams to provide additional protection from rain and wind.

It also features two storage pockets that help you stay organized. The tent also offers media pockets and electrical cord to keep you connected and give easy access to electrical power needs. You also get a carry bag to be able to transport your tent easily.

Main Features

  • Easy to assemble design makes it possible to set it up in just few minutes, leaving enough time to enjoy the trip
  • Offers three rooms to give sufficient space for up to 12 people and three queen beds. A big front awning lets you relax under the shade
  • Comes with fully taped sealed seams that provide leak protection and dry zone camping
  • Seven large windows with mesh screens can be closed when needed. They offer air circulation inside the tent to keep users cool
  • Features six storage pockets to let everybody store their essentials and keep the tent organized
  • Comes with wheels and carry case so that the tent can be taken easily to the camping location


  • Good center height
  • Features a shade porch
  • Three rooms for privacy
  • Accommodates 12 people
  • Easy to set up
  • Stays dry in rain
  • Made of sturdy material that withstands wind and other conditions
  • Pockets for keys, flashlight and other essentials
  • Can allow A/C unit
  • Six large windows provide ventilation
  • Divider in each room keeps mosquitoes away


  • Some users complain about thin metal poles
  • The floor is made of thin tarp material
  • Disassembly can be somewhat tricky
  • Doors don’t unzip to the ground
  • Two side rooms have no doors

Ozark Trail Instant Tent Setup

The 12 Person instant cabin tent is easy to set up because the poles come pre-attached to the tent. This is why you just need to unfold the tent and extend the poles to set it up. The tent advertises a 2-minute setup for this tent. However, it is quite simple if not so quick and can be done by 1-2 persons.

To set up the tent, you can unfold it and extend the arm joint of the poles one by one. Then, you can move to the front corners and extend the leg poles until you hear the click sound from the buttons to indicate the locking position. Repeat these steps for the other leg poles. Next, you can move the tent to the spot where you want to set it up.

Find the webbing loops and slide stakes through the loops. Then, assemble the sleeping quarters by setting up fiberglass, poles and steel support poles. Put the rainfly over the tent and secure it to the poles.


If you are looking for an instant tent that is spacious as well as easy to assemble, the Ozark Trail 12 Person cabin tent is a great choice. It offers a lot of space to accommodate a big family or group of campers. It has a sturdy frame that makes sure it is not blown away by strong winds.

The tent can be partitioned into rooms to offer privacy. What’s also good is the fact it is durable and water-resistant and keeps you comfortable and protected during your trips. It works well for family trips, festivals, and camping. It is ideal for use in summer months and rainy season.

Ozark Trail 12-Person 3-Room Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room (Orange)


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