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If you love traveling and camping, your best companion would definitely be a backpack. Without a smart pack, it becomes difficult to have something that fits your luggage. Those who travel often would look for multi-purpose solutions like those made by Ozark Trail. This popular brand is known for offering a diverse range of backpacks for a variety of applications.

So, if you want a trendy, durable, high-quality bag, Ozark Trail backpacks would surely cater your needs. Today, we talk about the Himont 75L Multi-Day Backpack from Ozark Trail. Let us take a closer look at its features and offerings to help you learn whether it suits you.

Ozark Trail Himont 75L Multi-Day Backpack Review – Updated 2020

Designed to suit extended camping and hiking trips, the Multi-Day Backpack is an amazing offering from Ozark Trail. With this pack, the brand brings to you a heavy-duty bag that accommodates up to 75 liters. Such a huge space means the backpack suits multi-day outdoor trips, family trips, and extended adventures.

Ozark Trail Himont 75L Backpack

It comes with a lightweight aluminum frame design and ample storage capacity to make an ultimate companion for your multi-day backpacking trips. It is also loaded with numerous trail-focused features like padded waist belt with zip pockets to provide easy access to essentials, trekking pole attachments, and hydration compatibility. With this backpack, you can easily carry all your camping gear and then transform it into a functional daypack by removing the top lid. Use the pack for your adventure-filled days without compromising your comfort.


The Ozark Trail Himont backpack is specially designed to provide ample storage space. With a capacity of up to 75L, this pack suits the longest trips, facilitating you through each day and night. Its top-loading main compartment is quite large to store all your gear and essentials. It has a cinch closure for easy access to your belongings.

The top lid is removable and can be zipped off to convert the pack into a daypack. There is also a side zip that gives quick access to the main compartment. Apart from the large main compartment, the backpack offers a front drop-in mesh pocket that lets you store tiny essentials.

There is also a front stashing panel for additional storage. The backpack even has a bottom zip compartment that holds rain fly. With so many pockets and panels, the bag lets you stay organized even during long trips.


Ozark Trial BackPackThe Ozark Trail backpack is constructed out of the highest quality Nylon material to be durable and strong. It has a rugged making that makes it reliable in the toughest weather conditions. Inner and outer materials are durable and the zippers are high-quality to ensure that your gear is always safe and secure.

It has a lightweight internal aluminum frame that makes it easy to carry while trekking or cycling. This lightweight design makes it ideal for fast movers.


This multi-day backpack is carefully designed to keep the user comfortable during extended trips. Its smart design ensures you can carry it conveniently and get easy access to all your essentials. It comes with a heavy-duty grab handle. It also features trekking pole attachment points to let you carry it easily even during your trekking adventure.

Ozark Trail Himont 75L Extended Multi-Day Backpack, Black Bundle with Cool Weather Sleeping Bag

It has an adjustable torso system to suit carriers of different heights and body structure. Additionally, it features padded shoulder straps and meshes back panel that facilitates airflow to keep you comfortable while carrying weight. It also has a padded waist belt with zip pockets to distribute the weight evenly and avoid any discomfort.

Hydration Compatibility

The 75L multi-day backpack is designed to be hydration compatible and lets you carry enough water for your extended trips. It has a separate pocket for storing food and drinks to carry them for long hours without any worry.

The hydration points let you carry sufficient water, regardless of your trip duration. It also has side water bottle pockets to give you easy access to water to stay hydrated throughout your trip.


This backpack is extremely versatile. It is made out of soft material that keeps it compact if not filled with a lot of stuff. It can also hold a lot of gear, equipment, and essentials for a long trip.

The most amazing feature of this bag is that it can easily transform into a daypack after you reach the site. You can carry your gear, unload it and convert it into your daypack by detaching the top lid. This functional daypack can be used for picnics and trekking.


  • Lightweight design
  • Rugged and stylish
  • A lot of internal and exterior pockets
  • Aluminum frame
  • Hydration compatibility
  • Padded straps and mesh back for comfort
  • Offers a lot of storage space
  • Large main compartment
  • Durable and strong
  • Attached rainfly for water protection
  • Trekking pole attachment system


  • Material is not so great quality
  • Attached rainfly wastes space


The Ozark Trail Himont 75L Multi-Day backpack suits every group of travelers. With such huge storage space, it makes an ideal companion for extended trips. It also works for anybody interested in staying organized during a camping trip. Durable, rugged and stylish in design, this backpack keeps your belongings safe and secure in the toughest

Ozark Trail Himont 75L Extended Multi-Day Backpack, Black Bundle with Cool Weather Sleeping Bag

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