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Pontoon boat slides offer an amazing way to have hours of fun and entertainment with your friends and family. It is an excellent addition to your water sports addition and works perfectly to enhance the boating pleasure for kids and adults alike. A slide can be easily inflated and deflated and carried anywhere for vacation or trip. Rave Sports Pontoon Slide is one of the top-rated slides available in the market. The commercial grade slide features a rugged design and a sliding surface of about nine feet to accommodate users of any size. It comes with a variety of attractive features and benefits to stand among the most popular choices for pontoon slides.

Today, we review the product in detail and consider its advantages, drawbacks and pricing to help you decide if it is for you.

Rave Sports Pontoon Slide Review

Rave Sports was founded in 1996. Their focus is on introducing innovative water sports equipment to the market. The product line consists of various water sports product categories including towables, floats, trampolines, bouncers, paddle boards, wake boards, boat parts and accessories and a lot more. They offer everything kids and adults would want to enjoy the holidays and water sports adventure to the fullest.

The Rave Sports Pontoon Boat Slide is designed to make pontoon rides more exciting for users of any age. It is a commercial grade slide which inflates in just 5 minutes to provide hours of fun and entertainment.


The 36.6 pound pontoon slide can be handled easily by one or two people and attaches easily to the rail of a pontoon or deck boat. The inclusion of a 12V pump for inflation and deflation adds to the convenience and easy to use the slide whenever the boat hits the water. Here are some of the outstanding features of this slide.

Sturdy Construction

The Rave Sports Pontoon Boat Slide is made up of commercial grade construction material. The slide has central air chambers for additional stability and bounce resistance. The sliding surface is about nine inches to accommodate any size of user. Four insert footsteps offer a great molding. It has a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds.

Compact Design

The slide offers ease of storage with the compact design which can fit the size of a regular sleeping bag. You can easily deflate the slide and roll it up for easy storage when you are done with having fun using it. It is quite lightweight and compact and does not occupy much space. It can be stored at the back of the car or under the seat or even under the cooler.

Easy Inflation

The Rave Sports Pontoon boat slide comes with a complete 12V pressure inflator and deflator pump that runs on Pontoon battery. This makes the slide extremely easy and convenient to inflate and deflate. Inflating and deflating of the seam chambers is hassle-free due to the Halkey Roberts spiral valves included. The side valves also feature a stem valve for additional support. Adapters for inflation and deflation valves also exist.

Assist Handles

The slide has vinyl assist handles attached with a perfect welding at the top. This makes the Pontoon slide fully-featured with everything one would need to get into the water with a splash while being safe. The two assist handles inserted into the plastic ladder come handy for climbing to the top.


  • Features a 12V, high-pressure inflator operating from the pontoon battery
  • It deflates to the size of a sleeping bag
  • It can easily fit over the side of the gate
  • Nine-foot sliding surface guarantees fun
  • Two people can handle the weight
  • Heavy construction handles up to 250 pounds
  • Backed by the reputation of Rave Sports
  • Includes 12 V pump for inflation and deflation for convenience


  • Younger boaters may require two people to inflate and install the slide
  • Though the slide fits most pontoon boats, it lacks adaptability to other boats
  • It doesn’t include a storage bag and you require finding a storage option

Pontoon Boat Slide Application

The Rave Sports Pontoon Slide best suits families who like spending time in water or those who look for a water toy to keep their kids busy and entertained. It is not an inexpensive water toy and is suitable for those who use their boats quite often. However, if you hit the water once in a while, it is no harm to have an extra water toy. A slide is always enjoyable by all.

Though designed for pontoon boats, this slide can work with your deck boat. You can check the manufacturer specifications to ensure the compatibility. The slide does not work on pontoon boats with side panels lower than 21 inches and higher than 30 inches. To make sure the slide fits your boat, see that you measure the boat properly.

Rave Pontoon Boat Slide Summary

Constructed from rugged material, the Rave Sports Pontoon Slide would provide you and your near ones hours of fun every season. It is quite easy to inflate and gets you on the water in no time. Storage is so easy with the included a 12V pump which also deflates your slide and allows rolling it up into a small package for compact storage. The price of the pontoon slide is competitive. Being the first company to make a pontoon slide, they have offered a high-quality, durable product at a great price.

Your Rave Sports pontoon boat slide should be one of the toys you carry on your boat because of its portability and ease of installation, storage and usage. Inflate this slide and get ready to have a blast on water!

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