Serenelife Paddle Board Review

Why Choose The Serenelife Paddle Board ?

If you always wanted to give paddle-boarding a try but don’t know where to get started, you might need an entry-level stand-up paddle board. Choosing your first paddle board may seem very overwhelming when you first decide to give it a go as there is a lot to consider when buying a board.  There are many things to consider including the length of the board, the thickness, shape and other features, so it can be a little tricky to decide.

The SereneLife paddle board is perhaps one of the best when starting out. It’s has a great design and is reasonable priced for the average budget. This particular stand-up paddle board is made for beginners and children so its great for the average family who may want to adventure out on the water at the weekend or when they are holidaying.

In this SereneLife Paddle Board Review, we will take a deeper look into the boards specifications, quality, construction, features and other aspects of the stand-up paddle board to help you decide if it is right for you.

SereneLife Paddle Board Review

With a flat bottom, square tail and rounded nose, the SereneLife paddle board is an excellent recreation board which is best suitable for flat water. It comes with everything you would find on a high-end board for less than half the price, making it a great buy for families.


Length: 10.6 feet
Width: 32 inches
Thickness: 6 inches
Weight: 19.6 pounds
Maximum Capacity: 275 pounds

Design and Construction

The paddle board has a two colored design. It is constructed out of durable, high-quality PVC with an extra corrosion-resistant layer. The non-slip deck pad on the top of the board offers comfort and traction. The nose is quite standard and features elastic bungee cord to secure your gear. Looking at the tail, the SereneLife comes with a Halkey Roberts valve and features a D-ring to allow easy attachment of the SUP safety leash. A 3-fin system at the underside helps improve the tracking performance.



At just 19.6 lbs, the paddle board is ultra-light and easy to use. It is constructed with an additional layer of PVC for increased strength and durability. It performs like a hard board to give you the feel of being on a rigid board without having to compromise on performance or stability.


Ideal for beginners, the paddle board has an upgraded design with a non-slip soft top deck which cushions the falls during slips or accidents.


The SereneLife paddle board’s dimensions 10’ x 30” x 6” makes it quite stable. It is as standard as similar inflatable boards go. The board features three fins for enhanced speed and maneuverability. The included adjustable paddle allows roaming in open waters the way you like. Triple bottom panel fins make steering and handling the board extremely easy. It offers an exceptional surf control to let you glide smoothly.


For such an inexpensive price, the paddle board offers much value. It is constructed using high-quality, durable, sturdy material. Beginners, as well as experienced users, will appreciate the board’s durable PVC construction and non-slip top deck. Whether you want to buy it as your first board or as an addition to your existing collection, the stand-up board fits your bill. The board’s low cost makes it an excellent entry-level option.


The SereneLife 10’ paddle board is a great choice for families who don’t care about performance but just want to have some fun with waters. It works perfectly for kids and younger folks. It is also a reasonable choice for budget-minded users who are not ready to commit to a high-performance, expensive equipment. The flat bottom board is suited to flat waters and not ideal for rivers or racing.

Ease of Inflation

SereneLife board comes included with a sturdy, easy to use, manual air pump that connects securely to the valve. Inflating the board is pretty easy and quick.

Ease of Transportation

The hand at the centre of the board makes it easy to transport this lightweight board around when inflated. When you want to pack up and return home, things work great with this board. It rolls tightly to let you carry it conveniently. Like most modern kits, the entire paddleboard packs into a single backpack for easy transportation. An included strap holds the entire fold together into a pack that is both functional and durable.


As a medium-sized SUP, SereneLife offers an all-round performance across a wide range of applications. Short size, flat bottom and rounded nose make it perfect for casual recreation. The board’s dimensions offer excellent stability. The weight capacity is great too. Adjustable paddles let you roam around in open waters as you like. It also includes a leash to keep the board within reach in case you fall off.


  • The paddle board comes with all the essential features and functions at a low price.
  • The board includes all the essential accessories like the manual 2-way pump, adjustable paddle, leash and storage bag.
  • It is reasonably stable, maneuverable, lightweight and has a high weight capacity. Whatever is the application, the board does a good job. It is a great choice to add an inflatable board to your collection of solid paddle boards.
  • At just 20 lbs. the paddle board makes it easy to trek from land to the water destination.
  • Small size means this board can be inflated faster as compared to larger boards.


  • No handles on the front and back.
  • Smaller size and less stability.
  • Lesser cargo space.

What’s In the Package

Like most inflatable paddle boards of the time, the SereneLife comes included with everything you would want to get started with paddling. The package includes:

  • The paddle board
  • A coiled leash
  • Manual air pump
  • Adjustable paddle
  • Storage backpack
  • iSUP repair kit


The SereneLife Paddle Board comes with a standard warranty of 1 year against manufacturing defects.

Where to Buy

You can find some great deals on the SereneLife paddle board at Amazon like discounted price and free shipping. Presently, the paddle board is available at

SereneLife Paddle Board Conclusion

Overall, the SereneLife paddle board 10’ is a budget-friendly, functional inflatable stand-up board that makes a decent choice for beginners and kids looking to give paddle boarding a try. It can be a great addition to your collection of solid boards and can serve well on flat waters. Constructed to suit all skill levels and conditions, the paddle board is a great companion for those interested in surfing, yoga or fishing with a stand-up board.

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