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Teton Sleeping Bag Review

Teton Sleeping Bag Review – Mammoth Queen Size Double

Getting the right sleeping bag is one of the most important parts of your camping trip. A sleeping bag makes all the difference between how tired or energetic you feel in the morning when you want to start enjoying your activities. Double sleeping bags are new in the world of camping gear and they let you execute the idea of carrying a single bag for you as well as your significant other rather than having to carry two.

This type of sleeping bag helps you save money while being able to sleep right next to your partner at night. One of the best double sleeping bag options is the queen size sleeping bag from Teton. This product is highly popular not just for its large size but also for the 0-degree temperature rating. It comes packed with some exciting features that make it one of the best choices for camping in low temperatures. In this review, we talk about the product’s features, benefits, and limitations to help you learn more about it.

Teton Double Sleeping Bag

Dedicated to making an extensive range of tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, and other camping accessories, Teton Sports offers affordable products of high quality. The sleeping bags are known to perform well and deliver what they are expected to.

Teton Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag comes in two options for temperature rating – 0-degree and 20-degree. It is an extra wide sleeping bag ideal for couples and families looking to snuggle under the stars. What makes it mammoth is it’s bigger than an average queen-size mattress. The bag measures 94 x 62 inches when rolled out and packs to 28 x 15.75 x 15.75 inches when compressed. Also comes with a compression sack to store the bag after use. It weighs 16.5 pounds and is quite compact and lightweight. The Mammoth Double 0-degree sleeping bag comes in multiple color options including teal, orange and green. 


Large Size

Designed to accommodate two people along with a small child or pet, this sleeping bag offers enough space to sleep together under the stars. You can simply carry this bag to eliminate the hassle of carrying two separate sleeping bags.

Easy Access

The sleeping bag features three separate zippers in high-quality so that you can get out without disturbing others. The bottom zipper lets you divide the bag into two comforters. These zippers also let you attach to other bags to get a larger sleeping space.

Warm and Cozy

Soft flannel lining and shoulder draft tubes lock warm air inside the bag. SuperLoft Elite fiber fill and dual-layer construction keep you warm all the time. Zipper and shoulder draft tubes prevent air from getting out of the zippers. There is also a mummy hood that offers comfortable space to lay your head while being cozy and warm.

No Snag Zippers

The Teton double sleeping bag has three zippers and they are durable. They are designed not to snag. It has one zipper each on the left, right and bottom of the bag to provide easy access and ventilation. The anti-snag zippers let the two people adjust the temperature on their side without affecting the other side. Zippers can be easily opened and closed from inside as well as outside of the bag.


The Teton Mammoth double sleeping bag is more than a quilted bed. It can be easily detached to make two big comforters. This feature adds a lot of versatility to the product. When you are sitting around a campfire and want something to wrap yourself in, you can easily get two blankets out of this sleeping bag by simply unzipping it.

Durable Construction

The inner lining of the bag is made of flannel. This not only makes it warm but very comfortable. The SuperLoft Elite 4-channel hollow fiber lets you enjoy the heat-trapping features you would want in cold weather. The outer shell is made of taffeta and it is water-resistant to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Offset Seams

This is an amazing feature for a sleeping bag designed for camping. This bag has seams that prevent the filling from sliding and the filling stays in place all the time. When the filling stays in the same position, it does not create any cold spaces you may otherwise experience.


Teton Mammoth comes with a carrying bag that lets you store the sleeping bag conveniently when not in use. You can simply shove it into the bag and need not fold and store it. The carry bag has compression straps to make your job easier.

Climate Rating

One of the best things about this sleeping bag is that it has an actual climate rating. Knowing this detail makes sure that you know you will be kept warm as long as you are above the rating. For the Teton double sleeping bag, the climate rating is zero degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it one of the best three-season sleeping bags available for campers.

What We Like

  • Very warm and works with 0 degrees temperature
  • Cozy and soft lining
  • Can accommodate two adults and a child
  • Draft tubes keep you warm
  • High-quality construction and attention to detail
  • Zippers are high-quality and durable
  • Flannel lining makes it comfortable
  • Can be unzipped to get two quilts
  • Mummy hood gives extra warmth
  • Sturdy taffeta shell is long-lasting and water-resistant

What We Don’t Like

  • Not ideal for hiking
  • Can’t be washed in the machine
  • Not so easy to put back into the sack


If you are in search of a big sleeping bag to keep you warm and comfortable on those chilly nights you spent outdoors, the Teton Double Sleeping Bag is one of the best picks. Campers can get an affordable and high-quality bag that works at 0-degree temperature. Flannel interior and insulation will keep you cozy while you sleep next to your significant other during your trip. It is warm, cozy, comfortable, sturdy and durable. Comes with snag-free zippers and allows two adults and a child to sleep comfortably. What most people will love is its also great value for money.

TETON Sports Mammoth 0F Queen-Size Double Sleeping Bag; Warm and Comfortable for Family Camping


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