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Top 5 Best 2 Person Sleeping Bags

You sleep with your partner every night at home and may not like the idea of sleeping alone when you are camping. The distance between your sleeping bags can sometimes keep you up at night. A 2 Person Sleeping Bag is a great way for couples to enjoy their trip while maintaining the connection with the partner.

This type of sleeping bag allows two people to sleep together and even accommodates a small child or pet. Some of these are lightweight and can be carried easily. They eliminate the need to carry two different bags, saving your space. In this post, we review the best 2-Person Sleeping Bags you can consider for a comfortable adventure.

1. Tough Outdoors The Colossal Winter Double Sleeping Bag

Specifically designed to let you snuggle under the sky when you camp with your partner, the Colossal Winter Double sleeping bag from Tough Outdoors is an ideal choice for couples who love the outdoors and want to sleep together.

It provides enough space for two people and suits hiking, mountaineering, camping and backpacking. It features a warm and waterproof shell. Weighing 11 pounds, the bag can be conveniently carried by a vehicle and does not take up much space. The bag is constructed using durable ripstop material and a water-resistant shell. It also has high-loft insulation and woven lining.

The sleeping bag has a temperature rating of 20-50 degrees F and can be easily used during extreme winter conditions. It is machine-washable and can be packed in a compression sack. It also offers an interior pocket to keep your belongings safe.


  • Keeps you warm in cold weather
  • Soft, large sleeping bag for couples
  • Ripstop construction and water-resistance


  • Somewhat bulky and heavy
  • Zips only on one side
  • Not so warm

It is a versatile double sleeping bag that not only offers a spacious sleeping area to spend a night outdoors but also unzips to a king-size comforter. It can be packed in a compression sack compactly and carried easily.

2. TETON Sports Mammoth Queen-Size Double Sleeping Bag

A highly comfortable and warm option for family camping trips, the TETON Sports Mammoth 2 person sleeping bag offers a large sleeping area to cuddle up with your special one under the stars. The queen-size bag is 94 x 62 inches in dimensions and weighs about 15 pounds. Lightweight and compact design makes it ideal for carrying in a car.

The outer shell is made using high-quality taffeta while brushed poly-flannel is used for lining. It has a SuperLoft Elite filling that is hollow and traps warm air. The bag also features mummy hood and drawstring to keep the heads warm. It also has extra padding around the zipper and shoulders to keep the air inside the bag warm.

TETON comes with a convenient compression sack to store the sleeping bag. You can choose between two temperature ratings to suit your use.


  • Warm and cozy
  • Ideal for couples
  • Soft inner lining for comfort
  • Durable zippers


  • Somewhat heavy
  • Quality of bag is not so great

Compact and soft, the Teton queen-size sleeping bag for two maintains fluff and warmth you would want for a comfortable sleep in the outdoors. A great choice for couples who want a warm snuggle all night in any season.

3. Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag Queen Size

Offering the best of both worlds, the Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag not only protects two people at a price you would pay for a single bag but also splits into two singles if the situation demands. It is specially designed for couples or families who enjoy outdoor excursions. The temperature rating of 30 degrees makes it ideal for at least three seasons.

This bag offers you a comfy sleeping space of 87 x 59 inches. With 210 thread count inner, the bag ensures that you stay warm and cozy all night. The queen-XL size means you and your partner get enough space to snuggle and enjoy a great sleep. The outer shell is made out of waterproof polyester fabric to make it durable and suitable for outdoors. It comes with two included pillows as well.

Weighing just 3 pounds, the Sleeping 2 person sleeping bag is lightweight enough to be carried conveniently. The pillows fit inside the sleeping bag and everything can be carried without affecting your packing efficiency. Rip-resistant polyester liner and tough cotton filling give a durable bag that keeps you warm and protected for years to come.


  • Waterproof exterior
  • Queen-size dimensions
  • Soft interior lining
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Zipper allows converting to single bags
  • Durable materials


  • Only 30-degree temperature rating

One of the most versatile sleeping bags for two, Sleeping does not compromise comfort for protection and the queen-size dimensions keep your entire family warm during your outdoor trip.

4. Canway Double Sleeping Bag

Whether you are camping, hiking or trekking outdoors, Canway offers a comfortable bed you need to sleep during your adventure. It is a queen-size double sleeping bag that is designed to be dust proof and water proof to enhance the outdoor excitement. An amazing size of 85 x 57 inches provides enough space for two adults to sleep comfortably.

The Canway includes a soft bed and two pillows. It is constructed out of polyester and flannel to offer durability. Also has a cotton filling to provide the warmth you require when sleeping outdoors in cold weather. The fabric is completely waterproof and keeps you protected from dampness.

Canway Double Sleeping Bag keeps you warm and cozy at even 42 degrees with the high temperature rating and S-shaped quilted design. It can be used during any season of the year. Double-sided zipper allows dividing the bag into two. It comes with a compression bag with straps for convenient carrying.


  • Can be detached for single use
  • Designed to suit extreme weathers
  • Can be washed in machine


  • Cannot by dried in machine
  • Not so spacious

Ideal for winter, autumn, spring and any other season, the Canway 2 person sleeping bag provides a comfortable sleeping gear to keep you warm and cozy without adding to your packing load. Waterproof design and cotton filling makes it perfect for outdoor camping.

5. TETON Sports Tracker Double-Wide Sleeping Bag

Designed to serve campers and hikers alike, the Teton bag does a great job at keeping you warm and toasty in freezing temperatures. It has a mummy bag style design with room for two and is crafted keeping cold weather requirements in mind to make sure such conditions don’t hamper your camping trips.

Made using ripstop fabric, the bag is lightweight, tough and water-resistant. The durable shell can easily withstand roots, branches and rocks and does not puncture. Taped zippers have an anti-snag design to handle temperature and pressure for a lasting use. It also features a brushed polyester lining and a microfiber filling for insulation. The shape of the bag conforms to the body lines while the foot box design keeps the feet warm and snug.

The TETON Sports Tracker comes with interior and exterior zippers, making it really easy to close and pack into a compression bag. It also has a full-length zipper baffle that avoids any cold air entering the sleeping bag. It includes an interior pocket that allows storing personal belongings safely and conveniently.


  • Well compressing
  • Warm foot box
  • Durable design
  • High-quality inner fabric
  • Affordable price
  • Drawstrings for neck baffles


  • Not so roomy
  • Awkward zipper

Overall, this 2 person sleeping bag is the perfect choice for campers looking for something that provides all the warmth they need on their trips.

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