Get Set On For An Adventure With The Truck Tent Camper

If your like me and love camping then I’m guessing you like your camping experience to be as simple and convenient as possible. That is where a truck tent comes in handy.

I find it so enjoyable just packing up a few things and heading out on Weekends to my favorite spot.
There is nothing like being outside camped underneath the stars. Its peaceful, relaxation and allows you time to rejuvenate. It removes you from the stresses of every day life and connects you with nature.

If you own a pick up truck then a truck tent is worth considering especially if you want to get out camping regularly. and enjoy spending lots of time in the great outdoors. It can be used in place of a regular tent and makes camping very convenient especially since it fits on the bed of the truck.

Truck Tent Camper

What Exactly Is A Truck Tent

In simple words, it’s a type of tent that is designed to be set up on the ‘bed’ of a pickup truck. It provides off the ground accommodation as well as comfort and coziness. You can take it with you while you travel, when a campsite isn’t available or when you just need to pull over and have a rest.

These tents have a similar look and function as the utility vehicle and roof top tents but are designed for pick up trucks. The tent can be stored in your truck and used whenever you fell the need. The only thing you need to think about is where your going to camp with your pick up truck.

There are certain things you need to consider before purchasing so as to make sure the truck tent fits your needs and budget.

Top Things To Look Out While Selecting The Truck Tent

If you do not like waking up with a rain soaked mattress and rocks sticking in your back then here are a few things to consider before you choose the tent for you

Opt for the Right Size

You have decided to go for an adventure trip and have a pickup truck too. Now, choose the right size of the bed that will fit your vehicle. You can get the ready-made truck tent or get it customized. Well, it’s your vacation and convenience, so opt for the best size.

Get a Comfortable Bed

Well, let’s admit nobody would like to stay outside the tent when it’s raining, or it’s sultry hot. For this, getting a comfy bed for your pickup truck tent is a great choice. You can opt for the truck tents that render extra insulation, floor liners, and serve as a clean layer between the sleeping gear and your truck bed. All these features will provide extra comfort to your camping trip. No one of us would like to sleep on the pair of sharp things.

Seek the Climate

Before planning your adventure trip and experiencing an adrenaline rush, it is important to hear a weather forecast. If you are heading to a place where you experience scorching heat, then your truck tent must have enough window style structure and an awning to keep you in a shaded region. In case you experience a sudden rainfall, then choose a waterproof material that ensures maximum protection to you. Do you want to experience an adrenaline rush all drenched up? Well, you will not like to roam around like being splashed right from the pool.

Truck Bed Tent

Check for Detailing of your Truck Tent

The minute detailing of your truck tents also plays a vital role in selection. When you are buying a tent, the zipper must operate smoothly and help you to keep the biting bugs away. But, a zipper with a glow will indeed look better.

If you are looking forward to experiencing the ‘true sleeping’ movement under the stars, then opt for tents with skyward-facing window opening to have a great experience. You can even seek hooks for a lantern inside the tent, removable awnings, pockets, etc.

Types of Truck Tents

After you have seen what you need to look out for in the truck tent, explore the type of truck tent you require for your next trip.

Full-Sized Truck Tents

The center height of this truck tent is nearly 5.25 feet. Two people can sleep in this tent with a maximum leg size. Moreover, it comes with polyester waterproof fabric at an affordable cost. The double-wall tent protects the wall space and helps in providing intrusion of the rain.

MidSized or Compact Truck Tents

These are near about 5.6 feet and provide a space for two people to sleep. It also provides a generous size of the awning with maximum shelter in front of the tailgate. The tailgate shelter option is great for the campers who are looking forward to saving themselves from the rain.

SUV Types of Truck Tents

These truck tents come in size up to 7 feet, and nearly two to five people can sleep in it. It is great to be used along with the hatchback. It provides a great base for camping and tenting with the availability of different sizes. The waterproof gasket makes it great for the campers.

Final Words

If you are an adventure freak, choosing the right truck tent camper is one of the important things. Seek your comfort as well as the size of your truck if you want to fit the truck tent along with it. Research thoroughly before opting for the truck tent since it’s an excellent investment to fulfill your long-term travel goals. Well, as you will not compromise on your coffee taste, you should not compromise on your comfort too. Moreover, see the tents that fit within your budget, and you do not have to face any hassle while installing or wrapping it.

Backroadz Truck Tent

The Backroadz Truck Tent is unique in it is the only one available that has a full floor design that secures to your truck. That means you stay dry when the weather isn’t the best. If your on a limited budget then this might be one you consider looking at. It assembles fairly quickly which takes away the annoying part of setting up especially when sunset is approaching and light is limited.
Its ideal to store behind your seat whenever you feel the need to go camping, hiking, tailgating or even when you wish to lounge at the beach at sunset.

It is designed to fit most pick-up trucks even ones that are equipped with toolboxes and comes with a full rainfly to protect you against the elements of the weather.
Has a large interior are with plenty of headroom

Rightline Gear Truck Tent

If your a tradie and carry toolboxes on your bed you are going to love this tent. You don’t have to remove your gear before setting up the tent as it features a floorless design. This design also prevents the tent from picking up the dirt and grime that could be laying on the truck bed.

Its made from heavy duty material which is suitable for all weather conditions. The straps and buckles wont damage the truck’s finish as they are made from soft polypropylene and the poles and pole pockets are color coded. This makes setting up so much more easier and takes the guess work out of it.

Whats also good is it sleeps two very comfortably and if you like star gazing this is the tent for you. It has a sky view vent which lets in more light, gives you more ventilation and great views.

A rainfly is included in case you encounter some terrible weather or rainy days. Plus it comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

SportZ Truck Tent In Blue/Grey

Another great truck tent from Sportz. Comes with a large entrance door and 2 mesh windows as well as side vents for increased ventilation. Its an ideal size for 2 people and comes with a sewn in floor and features 5.6 feet of headroom.

Unlike other tents this one features a rear panel so you can access the cab of the truck which gives you additional space to play with.

The 4×4 shade awning secures onto the tailgate so no need for guide ropes which means you can set this tent up any where you like.

There are zipped storm flaps in the windows, vent and doors for added privacy and weather protection.
Keep your gear organized with a gear loft, gear pocket and a built-in lantern holder

You will be able to set this tent up easily as it comes with color coded poles and sleeves. For extra protection a set of strap protectors are included and if your traveling it comes with an expandable carrying bag as well.

Sportz Truck Tent Blue/Grey (Full Size Long 8-Feet Box)

Milliard Truck Tent

The Milliard Truck Tent makes camping easy with a sewn in floor to keep you away from the floor of the truck and dry and shaded from the elements. Also comes with a rainfly incase of rainy days or stormy conditions.

Comes with its own carry case and is simple and easy to set up using the instruction manual.

What is a great feature on this tent is the mesh door and windows. For privacy the door and window also have shades for your convenience.

It is designed using super durable, long lasting material and features inside pocket and lantern hook.

It is designed to fit a standard truck bed of 6.5 feet.

Milliard Truck Tent (Standard 6.5ft Bed)

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