Why Carry A Backpacking Wood Stove

Whether you imagine yourself camping by a babbling brook with not a care in the world, or you just want to spend a long weekend backpacking away from the family, (yeah that’s me, most weekends) then you need to consider taking a backpack wood stove with you .

Backpacking Wood Stove For Convenience

A backpack wood stove is far more convenient and fuelling them is as easy as finding a handful of dry leaves and some old twigs that have fallen off the trees. They are super compact and extremely light weight to carry, especially if you have to trek uphill.  Having one in your supplies is handy especially in an emergency, when you run out of gas or you forgot to pack the cumbersome camp stove.

The only drawback is finding dry fuel when it has been raining for a long while and there may be certain times when open fires are prohibited. But apart from these I find them to be the most convenient fuel source for backpackers, weekend warriors or grans like me.

Quality Counts

One thing I will mention is that although there are many low priced options out there, I tend to go for quality when chosen especially since there is a safety aspect to a stove. Yeah I learnt this lesson the hard way, when a fire nearly cost me my property. So it’s important to look for quality when choosing one that is suitable for your needs.

Solo Stove Lite

If you’re after a compact portable stove then you need to consider the Solo Stove Lite. It’s an award winner, I’m not just saying that, it picked up the award for gear of the year winner.  Its patented unique designed double wall means it allows the fuel to burn more completely which in turn creates less smoke and ultra clean gasification. Less smoke is a great advantage.

Since you can forage around for small twigs, dry leaves and other dry wooded bits, there is no more cost involved in fueling the stove. There is no more need for refilling gas bottles or buying expensive fuel canisters. Huge plus on the wallet and I need all the savings I can get.

What I really like about the Solo Stove Lite is how compact and lightweight it is. It weighs in at an unbelievably 9 ounces and has a diameter of 4.25″ and a height of 3.8/5.7″.  Mine stays permanently in my backpack as I find its great as a backup, in an emergency or when I find yourself desperate for a hot cuppa.

This brings me to the fact it can boil water in around 8 to 10 minutes. That is exactly what you want along with the low smoke feature.

Why Is It Different

The stove was designed to be efficient with double walls so it has a unique air flow.  On the bottom of the stove there are air intake holes that force air to the bottom of the fire. As well it forces air up between the walls. This causes the oxygen that is now preheated  to go back into the firebox through holes on the top of the stove. This process causes a secondary combustion. What this means is that the fire burns more complete, thus less smoke and you also need less fuel for the fire.

The stove is made to last from stainless steel that’s premium grade.

Please do check to make sure there are no “Fire Restrictions in the area you tend to use the stove and clear away any debris where you intend to setup the stove.

Solo Stove Campfire

One up from this is the Solo Stove Campfire which comes with a 2 Pot Set Combo. This backpacking wood stove is the ideal size for a group of 4 or more people or perhaps a family.

What I like about this stove pack is not only the fact it is compact but it nestles inside one another. The stove fits neatly inside the two pots leaving room in your back pack or other storage item.

Just like the Solo Stove Lite it is compact and lightweight. Assembled the stove is 9.25″ high by 7 inches wide and weighs in at 5.75 pounds.

The included 3 Litre pot is 5.3″ high and has a diameter of diameter of 7.7″ This 3 Litre pot weighs in a 24 ounces.

The included 1.5 Litre pot is 2.8″ high and has a diameter of 7.7″. It weighs in at just 18 ounces

The lid is also included in the package. Once again these are all made form premium grade 304 stainless steel

Finally you have the Solo Stove Bonfire

This size is ideal for families as you can use it in your backyard, out on the deck or by the lake as a bonfire aka fire pit. Perfect on those cold winter nights or when friends and family come over to chill.

Its minimalist design makes for an awesome backyard fore experience that no other can match. It features the same secondary combustion process and design as the previous stoves mention plus it’s a more complete burn so it has little to no smoke. Fantastic as you don’t spend time dodging smoke and you no longer go home with clothes that smell.

There is virtually no set up and no need for expensive gas or refill canisters.

The Solo Stove is once again made from premium grade 304 stainless steel. For a fire-pit it’s also compact at 19.5″ x 19.5″ x 14″  inches and weighing a mere 20 pounds

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